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Offsite Financial


Offsite Financial



Offsite Financial was in need of a new identity. Offsite Financial is a medical accounting service specializing in dentistry that was in need of a new identity that broke away from the typical accounting firm feel.


Identity & Digital


The Brand

I used a cool color pallet along with a sans serif font to exude a sense of freshness. I wanted to pay homage to the old school calculator, the abacus and use it as the logo mark. The abacus is set to "3-1-2," referring to the area code of Chicago, IL, where Offsite Financial was created and currently based in. 





A business card and brochure were created for the company. I opted for a square tri-fold brochure to stand out from the rectangular brochures. The brochure includes custom illustration throughout to communicate that playful vibe.





The client wanted the illustrations found throughout the company's printed and digital media to be playful yet retain a sense of Offsite Financial's professionalism. The result is a suite of monochromatic illustrations that would assist copy in communicating the company's services.



Using Squarespace we were able to acheive an online presence for Offsite Financial to build on for the future.